Transitional Dressing: A Flowery Outlook



Feb2013_0083 Feb2013_0086


I’m Wearing: Express Jacket, BCBG Top old – others I like here, here, and here, Coated Joe’s Jeans, Express Necklace (old) I like this,  Clutch Old (similar), Vince Camuto Booties old, Michael Kors Watch. Photography by Melissa at Emory Photography.

Our spring here in Chicago has been downright disgusting. We’re talking cold, windy, and rainy. It seems like we get one nice day in the 60’s or 70’s followed by five or six in the 40’s. So last week when I got invited to go downtown to a really chic evening fashion event (I’ll be blogging about it tomorrow) I debated and debated over what I should wear. I couldn’t decide if I should try to pop some spring color or go for something like the outfit above. Turns out everyone was still in their winter clothes. I mean what are you going to do when it’s dark, cold and gloomy? Since everyone is still in the winter mode here (I hear the weather’s finally going to turn next week!) I thought I would post this outfit.

This outfit features many pieces that can easily transition from fall/winter to spring/summer. Florals and leather are huge this spring and booties are now a year-round look. Substitute the black coated jeans for white skinnies and WALA, you’ve got yourself a spring look!

  • Betsy

    Brilliant idea….in San Francisco the weather is RARELY over 60 degrees even in the summer (and in the winter, rarely lower than 40 degrees…so a light jacket like that is perfect), and black is always good all year round. We would wear this outfit all year round!!! You could swap your new Dolce Vita bootie sandals that you bought at Nordstrom for the booties!

    • rneats

      I love the idea to trade the boots for the Dolce Vita bootie sandal. Although I think I’d trade any shoe for the Dolce Vita bootie sandals. I just LOVE those things!!! I never knew a shoe could bring me so much joy! Actually, I take that back. I knew they could, it’s just taken me 25 pair to find the right one!!:)

  • Esther’s Consignment

    Florals never go out of style! We’re with you on the weather; in Omaha, it feels as if we skipped right over spring and went straight into summer.