My “CHAOTIC” CAbi Mother’s Day Feature

Did you see My Life While Shopping on the CAbi blog last week? I shared it on Facebook and Twitter (don’t miss a post…follow me ). In case you missed it, I had the honor of being included in a Mother’s Day feature of CAbi’s favorite mommy bloggers! Take a look:

CAbi Mother's Day Feature.jpg

Yup, that ‘s me and my kids featured right next to some other totally awesome bloggers. We’re all with our families in our favorite CAbi wear and in the article we each talk about what motherhood means to us. Click here to see the whole post.

I have to thank Emory Photography for capturing these awesome shots of my family. You’ll see we weren’t one big happy family at the time of the shoot. If that doesn’t make sense, it will after you read further!

CAbi Mother's Day Feature


CAbi Mother's Day Feature

CAbi Mother's Day Feature

Some close ups of my CAbi outfit:

CAbi Clothing

CAbi Clothing

CAbi Clothing

What We’re Wearing: ME: Cabi Printed Eliza Top, CAbi Daffodil Cardi, CAbi Daffodil Cami, Gap Linen Trousers – old (CAbi offers a similar pair), Sandals, Necklace from Smooch Boutique,Michael Kors ‘Runway’ Watch , gold chain bracelet – old (Similar), Henri Bendel banglesDan: Gap Linen Cotton Shirt, Khaki pants – old (similar),ECCO ‘Classic Moc’ Slip-On ; Maddy: Topshop Lace Shift Dress, Stephan & Co. Flower Statement Necklace , Crown Vintage BootiesEmily: Dress from TJ Maxx, Sweater – old, Sandals – old. Photography by Melissa at Emory Photography.

Do you ever look at people and think, “Wow, their family looks so perfect and put together” and then you feel bad about yourself and your life? Well, I’m here to tell you, things aren’t always what they seem. These pictures are the perfect example of that! I don’t know about your experience with family pictures, but for us they’re almost always a fiasco, and this experience was no different. Really, it’s a darn miracle we were able to get one picture where we looked like a loving family! Ask my photographer who had to tell my kids before the first picture to “relax and pretend like they loved their mom”. Just what you want to hear when you’re sitting for a picture that’s going to be used in a Mother’s Day feature!

So let me start by saying I only had few days to get all the kid’s outfits together, so I was running around like a crazy person leading up to this. Of course, my teenage daughter, Maddy, was the most difficult to dress. We spent an entire day at the mall trying to find her something to wear. This was a day before the picture. Then she decided that to be in the picture she needed to have her hair and make-up done…oh ya, high maintenance like her mom!

So the morning of the photo (of course my husband wasn’t home) I’m driving my daughter back and forth from hair and make-up while frantically trying to get myself ready. Then the photographer arrives and of course, I’m not ready. (Not that Melissa from Emory Photography isn’t used to me running late…) Everyone’s running around the house trying to find this or that or fix their hair etc. when I finally say, “We gotta get going here…”, at which point my son looks up from the Soda Stream in the kitchen (why he decided at this point in time to make himself a soda is beyond me) and says, ” Ya, just a minute.” I’m like, “What? I said it’s time to go.” He says, “No, I’m making myself a soda.” And I’m thinking to myself….”How embarassing…the nerve of this kid to say something like that when I have the photographer standing there waiting on us.” I give Dan a dagger like stare and say in a stern voice “Dan, I said, it’s time to go!”  At this point he get’s all mad and stomps out.

We get to the neighbor’s house for the picture (just a few doors down—they have this awesome patio deck) and Dan gets out of the car and I realize he’s got on some beat up old raggy high tops with his nice khakis and shirt. At this point, I’m about to loose it. I’m thinking “What the heck…doesn’t a 15 year-old know how to dress himself?”  I say, “Dan, you can’t wear those for the picture.” I mean, what was he thinking?? I don’t know if he got up on the wrong side of the bed or what, but at this point he looks at me and says, “Then forget it, I’m not going to be in the picture.” Blinking back tears, he stomps off. Lucky for me, Melissa, being the neutral party, talks him into running home to change his shoes.

While Dan’s running home, we start setting up for the picture. That’s when I happened to look over to see my youngest, Emily, dripping with blood. Yes, you read it right, dripping with blood. I take a closer look and realize her whole wrist and part of her chest is all scratched up, bleeding and about to drip all over her white sweater. I’m like, “Emily, you’re bleeding! What happened?” She proceeds to tell me that she tripped carrying the cat in from the screened in porch before we left (she does have a tendency to be a little clumsy). She said that as she was falling, the cat got scared and dug it’s claws into her and cut her all up. She went on to explain that she was too afraid to tell me because she thought I would get mad at which point she broke down sobbing. “Mad”, I’m thinking…”I’ll show you mad….”  But I didn’t get mad. I managed to keep my cool because if I lost it at this point, the whole thing would’ve been over, done. SO….I asked the neighbors who were just getting in their car to leave for the day to open up their house so we could get Emily all cleaned and bandaged up. Forty minutes later and three crabby children, we sat for our “big happy family” Mother’s Day pictures. Boy do I feel like a fraud!

I’m relieved to report that by the end of the shoot we were all back to being one big happy family (for real) and we sealed the deal over several baskets of Buffalo Wild Wings  – my kid’s favorite, not so healthy, “mom’s being really nice” food! What can I say? Motherhood at it’s finest. Please tell me you’ve all been there!

  • Betsy

    OMG…so true. When we were kids there was NEVER a family photo without someone in tears (usually ME), and therefore red and puffy eyes for the photo. And if you look at the family photos of Mike’s (my husband’s) family…he’s not even IN half of them, and when I ask about it, the answer is always “don’t ask”, with a look of dismay.
    You look fab in that outfit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in yellow like that- its GREAT on you!

    • rneats

      That is so funny about Mike not being in any family photos. I’m trying not to scar my children. And regarding the yellow, I think it works because it has green undertones (almost a lime green/yellow). It’s fun playing around with new colors!

  • Tracy

    Lol…Yes Renita it is hard to get them all to smile and together for a time when the kids were little i had a family pic took of all of us and i had a black eye from the nite before i was clumsy too lol emily i know how u feel.. They turn out good and u cant tell i had it and brady had a run nose and shi was just got done cryin so needless to say i was happy that it turn out.. and renita ur doing a wonderful job at motherhood kids now days are way different then how we grew up..shi would of done the samething..but the pic are beauitful happy mothers day

    • rneats

      Thanks for your comment, Tracy! Ya, trying to get one good picture with the whole family is one trying ordeal! I cannot believe you had a black eye and were still able to get a good picture. I wouldn’t even have attempted it. Way to be optimistic! Thanks for the motherhood comment. It is a difficult job, especially with teenagers, as you well know! Same goes to you. You haven’t had an easy time of it either!

  • LikesOfMe

    That’s a classic story. The pictures are beautiful but the story behind them makes me like them even more. Thanks for sharing.